And here is how it began... in 2012, a team of IT enthusiasts founded HM&Y Technologies, an IT company specialising in software development, with a vision of having leading company in software development based in Zanzibar.

Since then, we have been working hard, combining creativity, innovation and IT skills in order to develop solutions that will transform the way organizations deploy IT solutions to help in addressing their day-to-day problems.

Our experience in developing software solutions has become unintended life experiment, developing design + technology standards for the delivery of high quality software products and solutions. Today, we are dedicated to working with teams, helping to align life cycle moments with the right phases of growth.

Our Vision

Our Mission

To be the leader in software development, training, and consultancy amongst small and medium size firms in Tanzania.

To assist students and recent graduates to effectively manage their career by helping them to increase their employability and entrepreneual capabilities.

Our Values

Our core values are built on three pillars


Thinking and believing positively.


Delivery of quality products and services as the main focus.


Guiding in realization of our customers’ dreams.


Customer Centric

We understand that every customer is different and have different views and concerns and different business needs, hence we take the time to understand our customers’ requirements, the business and business domain, views and concerns and then offer with the right and real business solution.