Product overview

Be it on medical practices, financial management or overall care management, the challenges in offering healthcare services at hospitals are increasing day after day. This means that critical decisions must be made with consideration to all these factors. HM&Y Technologies develops user-friendly technological solutions that acknowledge and address this complexity, providing a total healthcare practice solution.

Aspire EMR is a software solution that serves as an electronic medical record system (EMR) originally designed to cater for the needs for small and medium hospitals operating in the East African region.

Our mission is to offer an electronic medical record that continues to lead the industry with wealth in innovative features and clinical content, designed to fully leverage patient data and help providers efficiently document and manage care provision. Aspire EMR is unique in design in the way it ensures interoperability with other systems, devices, and services, streamlining workflow and providing a practice’s full clinical solution.

Why Aspire EMR?

With Aspire EMR we aim to going fully electronic. This means having all the features necessary to digitize every process in the medical practice. Thus, our development is driven by customer demands, industry requirements, technological advancements, and strategic foresight.

System Modules

Aspire EMR comes with a number of modules that together makes a complete medical record system.

  • Patient register with unique identifier, demographic information and a patient card shareable between all interconnected sites
  • Outpatient patient visit management with patient medical history
  • Instant medical history where doctors and nurses can view the medical history of a patient to assist in medical decisions
  • Disease management for chronic illnesses including reminders and patient compliance status. This is very useful specifically for non communicable diseases
  • Complete inpatient management, from admission to discharge
  • Patient management integrated with laboratory, radiology and sinology orders and results
  • Referral management where a referral form will automatically be printed if authorized by the responsible people
  • Document generation in different formats and for different departments including medical prescription
  • Payment receipts and reports for paid services
  • Pharmacy stock management from recording to prescription
  • Coding system for diseases, medicines, procedures and services
  • Staff register for the care providers
  • Secure login for all users with a full audit

Customers and Demos